General thoughts and underlying rational

Advantages of individual software development that we experience in our daily business
flexibility (adaptions for new or different requirements are easier possible than for “out of the box” software)
no per seat fees as with Saas or no-code solutions
featureset at the end of the development corresponds to the initial ideas (easier to influence than with out of the box software)
But: There are certain things that have to be done over and over again (in close to every project) → individual dev no longer justified (out of the box software could be better)
Other motivation: Pure agency business projects a linear development (more clients - more projects - higher profits - more workload - more people needed kind of loop)
With product chances are to have exponential growth

Idea storming

With open source no code tool combining the best parts of both worlds (individual + out of the box)
central file (human readable) e.g. JSON, over which all changes are mapped and logged
Changes themselves (e.g. filling a table row) can be done in a GUI (similar to noCode)
The file allows version control (Github like)
Review of changes made via GUI can also be done using a GUI or by understanding the framework used to cover the changes in the file (-> Code Review)
Computer generated code -> Each change in the GUI is automatically generated by the corresponding changes in the file
Quickly building use cases on top of the underlying no code open source tool in order to lower the barriers for people to get in touch and start using it
Generating ideas based on current

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