Side-Brand Developments - Technical Setup


Sidestream is planning to experiment with a few new positioning that go beyond normal software service provision (e.g. more crypto topics, dev process as a service, dev education) and experiment with “dangerous” sales channels like cold outbound e-mail marketing
For all of that it is beneficial to have setups that are
not associated with Sidestream
enable us to have a dedicated “brand” for every experiment
enable everyone to quickly setup a new “brand-setup”

Create the initial Setup

Extra Notes For Sherin:
You need to get into Bitwarden for that I have send you an iinvite to your gmail adress. Once you accepted it let Daniel know and he will add you to the collectiion. All created accounts shall be shared with the Bitwarden collection “SideBrands and Experiments” so that other can use them too. Therefore give them expressive names (e.g. GMAIL Account for all Side-Brand accounts) so that others understand
Document all problems that you have and how you solve them. As this will become a very important process that needs to be well documented
Create a dedicated new gmail address that looks like a real name: e.g. “someFirstName”+”someLastName” and that will be used to register for all upcoming services. EMAIL SHOULD NOT BE ASSOCIATED WITH SIDESTREAM
Create a Google Workspace Account with the Gmail Adress (come up with fictional organisational name if needed)
If there are steps related to billing, just ping Daniel to help with that

Setup a Side-Brand

Buy a Domain Name:
Setup one user in the google workspace: marie@
Test the deliverability of the email buy using the following services (post screenshot of results here)
(score min 8/10)
send a test-email to so that I can check how the appeals appear and give feedback
integrate mail in lemlist (credentiials in bitwarden) so that is used for cold outreach
also research lemlist best practices for deliverability improvements. If there are improvements you can eiither do it directly (and document it here) or in doubt discuss with daniel first
things that will happen later:
integrate mail in webflow
Afterwards discuss results with Daniel → this will show whether we need a cloudflare account here or not
potentially setup cloudflare (belongs to initial setup)

Configuration Steps

Created a Gmail Account User in the name “Marie John”
Email Id:
The Account details are stored in bitwarden in the collection named
Purchased a Google Domain
Created a user in the newly created domain along with purchasing the domain
Email Id:
The Account details are stored in bitwarden in the collection named
Added an custom record like this for the
custom record
Host name
1 hour
"v=DMARC1; p=none;;"
There are no rows in this table

5. Verified the working of newly created domain by following tools and got the following results


6. Added Custom user name option to make the username available in the recipient inbox
settings url can be found
7. Configured an email provider for Lemlist with the Email Id:

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