The creation of the Home Protection That Avoid Foreclosures (HPTAF) program by the BLC team is a groundbreaking development that promises to revolutionize the home protection and foreclosure avoidance landscape through the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With the additional financial security offered by the BLC Coin, HPTAF will be able to provide an even more reliable and secure service to its customers.
Recognizing the difficult economic situations that many people experience daily, the BLC coin team pays attention to the number of people who are facing the loss of their houses because they are unable to make mortgage payments, and as a result, banks and other lending institutions commence foreclosure procedures against them. This incident is quite stressful for the responsible adults in the home environment, and it proves to be very damaging to the innocent children who would have felt secure and at ease in that home.
Understanding the need for strategic action in these circumstances, the BLC team has outlined a relatively straightforward strategy that allows the family to keep their house while making the required financial adjustments.


The BLC Coin’s Home Protection That Avoid Foreclosures (HPTAF) program is the first of its kind. By purchasing and holding the BLC coins for some time, the holder automatically becomes a member of the HPTAF program while receiving tremendous percentages of profits from the BLC coin’s value appreciation.
The Home Protection That Avoid Foreclosures (HPTAF) is a unique feature of the BLC coin, that is inherited by becoming a part of the BLC coin community.
Individuals can purchase the BLC coins and hold them for some time, during which the value of the BLC coins will increase while they automatically gain protection in the Home Protection That Avoid Foreclosures (HPTAF) program. The user will be able to trade portions of their BLC Coins to gain more financial security, however, this will be limited to the amount that is required for membership in the HPTAF program. The HPTAF Program allows users to participate in the BLC coin economy and benefit from its growth.

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