Proposal For Loan/Participation in the Billion Local Coin Ecosystem

Billion Local Coin (BLC) here in after referred to as BLC is a new cryptocurrency that aims to provide stability and long-term growth potential for investors.
The introduction of blockchain technology has disrupted traditional financial systems and created new opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. One of the most promising applications of blockchain technology is the development of digital currencies, also known as cryptocurrencies.
BLC Coin is a cryptocurrency living on Binance Smart Chain and will be backed by a basket of major cryptocurrencies including but not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and many more. Explore BLC, Read about it, Buy it, and join the evolution in the Crypto Market.
In addition, the BLC Coin is additionally backed by a €500 Million Euro Cooperate Bond with these assets firmly placed behind the BLC Coin there will be no shortage of liquidity, and these facts guarantee a very robust economy digital coin that investors can be confident, in its ability to withstand the test of time.
Having commited and extensive financial outlay in the production of the BLC Coin we have now found ourselves in a position where we are in need of a small injection of financies which will get us to the place where we would become financially viable. ​The requirement is for us to complete the following steps:

Audit - A financial audit is an objective examination and evaluation of the financial statements of an organization to make sure that the financial records are a fair and accurate representation of the transactions they claim to represent. The audit can be conducted internally by employees of the organization or externally by an outside Certified Public Accountant (CPA) firm. (Our Audit will be conducted by an external qualified institution with an extensive track record of auditing organizations in our sphere of operation). ​KYC - By implementing seamless and effective Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, ICO issuers can ensure compliance with global regulations, build trust with investors and prevent fraud and money laundering.
Tokpie - It’s a platform that connects crypto businesses with major payment networks to make cryptocurrency into fiat-funded card programs. * List token. Make IEO. Add token to CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, Coinpaprika, Coincodex, and other coin-trackers.
* Make turn-key bounty, airdrop, marketing, and promotion.
* Add token logo to MEW, Trezor, Trust Wallet, and more.
* Get popular trading pairs for coin listing: ETH, USDT, WBTC, BNB, USDC. ERC20 Ethereum and BEP20 Binance Smart Chain.
* Update market cap and circulating supply to boost token’s rank on trackers. ​Marketing - ICO marketing refers to the promotion of an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) on behalf of the cryptocurrency company holding the ICO with the aim to increase its limit to more potential investors and bring more leads to the sale event.
Trademark - A trademark exclusively identifies a product as belonging to a specific company and recognizes the company's ownership of the brand. Trademarks are generally considered a form of intellectual property and may or may not be registered.
We are prepared to offer the BLC Coin in the amount that covers the sum total of the amount of the loan as a form of security, ( at the current value the coin is now at a price €0.10 with an expectation that after the necessary work is completed and the coin will be listed on the trade exchange at the value of €0.15 and will continue to increase.)
In addition, in the first intake of revenue we will repay the total amount of the loan. The sum total of all borrowing will be immediately repay and the lender will retain the total amount of coin linitially presentated as the security.
It is expected that from the date of the receipt of the loan which can be granted in either fiat currency, USDT, BTC or BNB we expect that it’s would take a period of not more than three month to complete the various task and see the forward movement of the coin standing.

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