Things to Do list

Milestone #1
Corporate Subsection:
Create a new smart contract on Blockchain
Rebrand our website and coin to the New Coin
Sort out the calculations for the swap between coins
Create content around how we handle people who have not earned the coins
Create content that educates people about the transition from the old coin to the New coin
Place content on the blockchain, community platforms and website
Have a Pre-sale of the new coins at an agreed price
Complete the execution of the MOU (In progress)
Complete assessment by an Accountant
Complete Legal Documentations in The Bahamas (To be confirmed)
Coin Structure and Pricing (In progress)
Complete the registration with INX (Back Burner)

Web Design Subsection:
Building Frontend and Backend Frontend with 1 and 2 row Landing Page with CTA and Footer
Frontend Page
News (Back Burner)

Login System and Functions
Login and register.
User balance and Transactions.
Security and inital Offering Page.
Know your customer (KYC).
Invitation and marketing management.
News and Notification system.

Backend Pages
- Adminstration Management
- STO/ICO Coin admin and user Backend
White paper
Future Goals
Road Map preparation
General Full Project and Website Review.
Project Community and Forums (Once the site is finished we will do this) Telegram Community Twitter Community Facebook Community Instagram Community Discord Community Reddit Community Project Forum and Cooprate Communications

Project Audit and KYC, Tokpie Listing, AMA.
Launchpad Design and Web3 Integration - STO/ICO Coin Offering System
Gitbook Integration with documentation
Blockchain and Dapps Creation (Ecosystem)
-Building a Web3 Portflio and Dapps -Building a Native Blockchain for BLC Coin -Building a Native Multicurrency Wallet

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