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Milestone #1
The planning and execution of the BLC Blockchain and the BLC Coin ✔️
White paper, Future Goals and Road Map preparation ✔️
ICO Website Designing ✔️
Milestone #2
ICO website Development For BLC Coin ✔️
Contract Deployment ✔️
ICO website Launch ✔️
Building the team for Projects ✔️
Pre-Sale of BLC Coin Stage-1 (Current Stage)
Promotion and Sales through Partnerships and Affliates and Initial Buyers

Milestone #3
Start BLC Chain Development
Pre-Sale Stage 2
InFluencer Promotion
Start MultiCurrency crypto wallet development
Pre-Sale Stage 3
Pre-Sale Stage 4
Team Expansion

Milestone #4
BLC Coin Launch to general Public
dApp Wallet Launch
Major Dex Listing
Audit Solutions Platform Development
Metaverse and Multiverse Platform Developmet Start
Dex Platform Development Start

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