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VP Product @ Temporal.io

The prevailing architecture of modern cloud applications is hodgepodge of stateless services backed by databases, cron jobs, and queuing systems. The resulting complexity negatively impacts developer productivity, as most of the code is dedicated to plumbing, obscuring elegant business logic behind a myriad of low-level details.
Temporal is reshaping the way applications are written for the cloud by empowering developers to focus on their code, not their infrastructure.
Temporal is an open source durable execution engine with that makes it trivial for developers to build and operate global applications that are immune to failure. Temporal’s core innovation is durable virtual memory that is not linked to a specific process, and preserves application state, including function stacks, with local variables across all sorts of host and software failures. This allows developers to write applications using the full power of their favorite programming language while Temporal takes care of durability, availability, and scalability, hiding all infrastructure failures from application logic.
Temporal was founded by Maxim Fateev and Samar Abbas, the architects behind Uber’s Cadence Workflow, Azure Event Hubs and Amazon’s Simple Workflow Service. Building off the recent widespread adoption of the open source Cadence project, they’ve spun out to create Temporal and build a business around this new category of software.
Inside Uber, Cadence powers hundreds of services, from wildly popular consumer-facing applications like UberEats to mission-critical internal services like CI/CD and ML data pipeline orchestration. The project was open sourced in 2017 and has since seen tremendous interest from industry. In 2019, Max and Samar forked the Cadence project to create Temporal and build a business around the software. Today Temporal enables a wide array of business-critical use cases inside Fortune 500 and giant Internet companies. Hashicorp relies on Temporal to power their public facing Terraform Cloud and Consul Cloud services. A webscale home and vacation rental company leverages Temporal for the platform’s core transactional payment flow. A global colocation and datacenter operator relies on Temporal for infrastructure deployment and automation. The use cases are unlimited - from the simplest internal applications to the most demanding public-facing cloud services.
Temporal has garnered the interest of today’s top investors and technologists. The team recently raised a sizable Series A round and a public announcement is coming soon. This is in addition to an October 2019 $6.75M seed round round led by Amplify Partners with participation from Sequoia Capital and developer tools thought leaders including Adam Gross (former CEO at Heroku), Jason Warner (CTO at Github) and Sam Lambert (former VP of Infrastructure at Github). The company also lists Mitchell Hashimoto (founder and CTO of Hashicorp) and Max Schoening (VP of Product Design at Github) as Advisors.

The mission at Temporal is to redefine how modern applications are built and operated. Strategic thinking and developer empathy are essential – along with personal commitment to and passion for the role and open source software.
Reporting to the CEO, Maxim Fateev, the responsibility of the VP Product is to shape an already successful open source project into a beloved developer platform. This begins by creating a best-in-class developer experience while building the roadmap to become a mission-critical enterprise product.
What you’ll do:
● Become a thought partner to the founding CEO and CTO, helping decide major strategies and priorities, and participating in an executive context
● Create a product experience that can delight any developer from a junior CS grad to the most senior backend architect
● Define and tell Temporal’s story to a broad developer community to drive adoption
● Build out the product narrative, messaging and content strategy to grow and support the developer community
● Drive the creation, definition and roadmap of Temporal’s cloud service offering
● Work with a highly technical team and rapidly absorb, incorporate and communicate technical implications in product decisions
● Help define the go-to-market strategy for Temporal’s product line, with a focus on leveraging open-source and community to drive development and adoption
● Scale an early stage venture into a profitable business
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