Flip The Script - Take Control of Your Interview (PUBLISHED)
Workshop Deck: Flip the Script

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2 Characteristics of a Great Candidate

You are looking for a 2-way fit, an "intersection of interests":
Take Control / Drive
GOOD candidates help the interviewer get to the truth.
BAD candidates leave their fate in the hands of the interviewer.


You help the interviewer peel the onion. You are willing to help interviewers ask you relevant questions that give you chance to tell/show/audition your superpower in the context of their problem set.
You are willing to take the lead or flip the question if the interviewer fails to give you opportunities to show and tell what you can do.

You answer just the questions asked, with little detail
Reliance on the interviewer to peel the onion. This often ends in a dead-lock.
You give generic answers to any question.
You don’t volunteer specifics in the context of a problem/solution from your past.
You oversell or embellish the truth just to get the offer.


You think like an investor. You ask yourself if there is alignment: “do I want to invest my Superpower solving this problem, for these customers, with these people?
You ask questions that give you insights about whether you even want to solve these problems, with this company, with these people, for their customer.
You don’t actively seek understanding of the problem and 2-way fit on interests, motivations, work style.
You blindly pursue the job because you are running from another situation or because you like the bright, shiny, new aspect, or...
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