Flip The Script - Take Control of Your Interview (PUBLISHED)
Workshop Deck: Flip the Script

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7 Stages of a Great Interview Process


Alignment with stakeholders on the Job Description
Kickoff w/ Interviewing Team - why role is open, deliverables for the new hire, assign interview topics
Source/Screen - go to market, post the role, phone screen
Onsite Tee Up - educate the interview team about the candidate, check that assignments are clear
Onsite Interviews - Great questions lead to great dialog and insights about 2-way fit ***IN MY DREAMS***
Feedback/Debrief/Decide - interviewers score candidates based on JD and assigned topics
Offer/Hire/Onboard - 90% offer acceptance rate
Happy, Productive Team - great 2 way fit

👽 As interviewees, we can feel alienated by interviewers that are not prepared or skilled

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