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Golden Circle of WHY Method

The Golden Circle of Why Method

Can be used for just about any question. Similar to the S-H-A-R-E with lots of prompts for peeling the onion.
Why did you [tackle x, convert y, write z} Problem were you solving?
Why did this problem exist (root cause)?
Why was it important? Consequence of not solving? How did this effort fit into the organization's larger goals? What would have happened if you failed? Criteria used to evaluate the success?
What were the actual results achieved? (facts and data, details not speculation)
What was the goal?
What resources did you have available?
What technology did you use? Why? Why not use [different technology] instead?
What was your budget? How much did this cost? What would you have done if you had been given an extra $X,000 for this project?
What were the most important features of the "x" you delivered? Why?
What other teams did you interact with on this project? What were the dependencies?
What were the big challenges, and how did you overcome them?
What were the major decisions you had to make? What did you decide? Why not do it this other way, instead?
What could you have done differently to improve the outcome?
Why were you chosen to work on this? What kind of skills did you need to accomplish the goal?
What parts did you personally own and deliver? What parts did others own and deliver? Describe the team.
How did you motivate others? How did you deal with conflict? What was an example of a big conflict that you were part of? What caused it? What did you do? What was the outcome? Was it the right outcome? What could you have done differently?
Was this hard for you? Why or why not?
How much time did you have to complete this effort? Was that enough time? Why/why not? How could you have cut X days from this project? Why didn’t you?
How did the end-user/customer like it? How do you know?
How did you get feedback on the quality? What was it?
When did you get involved in this effort? At the beginning, middle, or end?
When did you do this? How long did it take? Was it completed on time? If no, why not?
When did you know it was time to…
What did you learn? What were the big mistakes you made? What would you do differently next time? Why?
What aspects did you particularly enjoy? Dislike? Why?
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