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CTO/Co-Founder @ Tribute

Hello! It’s nice to meet you.
We’re , a peer-to-peer mentorship platform for the workplace that enhances team collaboration, learning, and productivity through on-demand knowledge sharing. What that really means is that we recognize an organization’s two most important assets are its people and their knowledge. And not just their skills-based knowledge, but the knowledge they’ve gained from the wisdom of experience.
Using the ancient art of storytelling, combined with modern technology, we inspire employee connections for the moments that matter. We know that sharing wisdom and knowledge from our lived experiences not only informs more meaningful connections, it helps create inclusive and trusted workplaces that employees love. We often say there are some things you simply cannot know until you’ve lived through them, with the battle scars to prove it. We aim to create a world where those battle scars become beacons of hope, inspiration, and collective knowledge that help us navigate our dynamic careers in this new world of work.
So why are we writing this letter? The truth is, we’ve been looking for you for a while now. We’ve been fortunate to secure early enterprise customers like Microsoft, Zillow, and Remitly to name a few. But we need your strategic oversight and technical expertise in order to propel us to the next phase of growth, and to help more companies make the transition to hybrid work, moving away from ineffective spreadsheet driven mentoring programs to digital-first learning cultures.
We aspire to be the world’s first and best peer-to-peer experiential learning platform, and we’ve got what it takes to get there. So far, we’ve pre-sold our product and bootstrapped our way to hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual recurring revenue (ARR) without any in-house engineers. Impressive as this may be, we know we cannot achieve our next level of success without you. Together, we can accelerate our path to $1MM ARR and create a more meaningful future of work for everyone.
We realize that it’s hard to make a decision like this when you don’t know much about us, so here are 8 things that you should know about us:
1. We’re a seed-stage B2B enterprise SaaS startup looking to disrupt the future of work
2. We’re post-revenue with an initial product-market fit
3. We’re female-founded and believe that inclusive cultures not only attract the best talent, but bring out the best in everyone
4. We’re curious creators passionate about learning, adult education and the power of human connection.
5. We follow the customer discovery process religiously, and believe in progress, not perfection
6. We work remotely, and put family, health, and well-being first
7. Everyone here has a voice
8. Our CTO position will be employee #4
If you’re a technologist and builder at heart who cares deeply about the future of work and wants to help us shape it, Tribute might be the place for you. If you are motivated by purpose, autonomy, personal growth, engineering excellence and don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, we’re pretty sure you’ll fit in well here.
If you’ve built rich web and mobile apps, deployed APIs and apps to either Azure or AWS, consider yourself a strong cross-functional leader, and have always dreamed of being a founding member of a fast-growing startup, you might just be exactly who we’re looking for.
And finally, if you’ve ever had a mentor who has fundamentally changed the course of your life, inspired you to be more than you could have ever dreamed for yourself, then you might just be exactly who we need.
We know you’re out there, so if you’re reading this now, send us an email at careers@tributementorship.com and let us know you’re ready to help us shape the future of work. And if you’re reading this but don’t feel like you’re our future CTO, share our message with someone you know who comes to mind. We’ll be eternally grateful you sent them our way as well as every enterprise employee who benefits from the future of work we build together.
Team Tribute
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