Here & Now Outcomes: Fractals & Networks

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Weavr Leadership Manifesto

We are weavers
We embrace and practice collective leadership
Leaderships impact is about our collective relationship
The strength of our relational bonds
The mutual support between individuals
The trust in the network to hold and navigate big questions
Ability to discern the future together

We value each other as whole and worthy people, curious about who they are, and never act as though they are a means to our own ends
We will not spam members of our network for participation in our work, if we do not know someone we will reach out and connect 1:1 before making an ask

We are cross pollinators and silo breakers:
Building relationships with people we don’t yet know
Connecting people who know each other
promoting cross pollination across our web

We tend to our connections
Honest about how we connect to one another & keep our relationship updated
Show up full, regularly, and randomly

We are active participants in our leadership laboratory, sparking engagement and conversation
We practice with humility our covenant of right relationship
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