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We Must Relationally Companioning People In Church Life & Leadership

Guiding Question: How might relational companionship become a key practice of our community?
We are not made to do life alone. This is a truth is fundamental to the human experience biologically and socially, but is true for our spiritual lives as well.
We need guides to show us the way and help us to overcome the barriers associated by a new community.
We need companions to be in the midst of life’s tangled blessings with us.
We need seekers to keep us honest.
We need mentors to see possibility within us and invite it out.
We need a community to envision a world distinct from the present, and do the collective work to make it a reality.

Relationships are impactful when they are not generic. When you are not just a number or a warm body, but a person with a unique and valuable story who has a place and part to play in the community.
As we witnessed in many of the designs, there are so many points in someone journey of being a part of a religious communion where companionship makes all the different:
For Newcomers
Entering a pre-existing group or organization always comes with the challenge of being new. Being new means you don’t know much about the community. You don’t know even what you don’t know. Too often you have to forge the river towards belonging alone to get to the other side.
For New Leaders
For Elders
For Children and Students
For Anyone in Moments of Crisis and Struggle

Thus in the new year we will aim to gather a team around the question: How might relational companionship become a key practice of our community?
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