Here & Now Outcomes: Fractals & Networks

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Fractal Practices

Fractal: ‘each part has the same character as the whole’
Fractal practices (or characteristics) are patterns that appear at each and every layer of complexity.
In a congregational system a fractal pattern would be one that would begin at the smallest unit and expand outward:
Individual →
Group/Sub-Unit (team, committee, small group, staff) →
Whole congregation →
Associational/Denominational Systems
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Fractal patterns are present in all systems unintentionally. Our focusing question is: What fractal practices are at the core of our mission?

Our Fractal Practices

After dialogue and conversation with and beyond our team, we formulated our first best guess at these practices. The aim for each of the practices is that when reading them it is at once self evident what it is inviting but also not specifying a specific course of action. The interplay between clarity with inspecificiity we believe invites a faithful, adaptable, and creative tension.
Do Thy Inner Work
Seek the Stories
Serve Selflessly
Surrender to Wonder, Possibility & Mystery
Don’t Go It Alone & Don’t Let Others Either
Risk Something That Matters
All The Work Is All Our Work
Nourish the Whole
Lean towards restoration /Tend to the harm *

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