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Agents of Courageous Love

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Interview Learnings: Courageous Love

Uncomfortable (Ordinary Acts) of Vulnerability and Growth

willing to share her authentic self and her knowledge in a non-judgmental and non-directive way
(Aggregated Data by Affinity Group, p.1)
Being vulnerable. Being honest. Being caring. 
(Aggregated Data by Affinity Group, p.1)
CL calls us to move beyond our comfort level, and calls us to grow as human beings.
(Aggregated Data by Affinity Group, p.21)
Courageous love is caring (love) in a challenging circumstance. E.g. caring for disagreeable person, or when hurting oneself.
(Aggregated Data by Affinity Group, p.6)

The Internal Experience of Courageous Love

Love as a verb - acting with love even when not feeling it 
(Aggregated Data by Affinity Group, p.28)
When she feels an internal nudge that something is wrong, she has courage and determination to take action on it. 
(Aggregated Data by Affinity Group, p.8)

Hope and Possibility

I want to show we can get out of the darkness, don’t want to be the person who gets stuck
(Aggregated Data by Affinity Group, p.7)

Centering Relationships of Dignity and Worth (not losing the humanity, core of the work)

Committed to helping and letting other people know that they matter. 
(Aggregated Data by Affinity Group, p.2)
being there for people whether you know them or not
(Aggregated Data by Affinity Group, p.15)

Risk in Enacting Courageous Love

Not just knowing what your beliefs are, but putting them into action in the community - making them visible to others. 
(Aggregated Data by Affinity Group, p.1)
“courage” is different for different people-- it could be reading one’s first book on racism; struggling to master a bit of technology to lead a discussion; attending a protest, especially in Covid days
(Aggregated Data by Affinity Group, p.21)
courageous love is standing up and being willing to take the consequences
(Aggregated Data by Affinity Group, p.20)

Collective & Enacted in Partnership & Embedded in A Larger Ecosystem and Interdependent Web

growing understanding of and relationship w BIPOC/Immigrants and when we insist on working WITH not FOR these communities
(Aggregated Data by Affinity Group, p.21)
Believing we are all in this together, need to make society more equitable, vote, engage civilly with those who disagree, speak up with friends when I disagree, help the disadvantaged
(Aggregated Data by Affinity Group, p.7)
Reaching out and helping in her neighborhood
(Aggregated Data by Affinity Group, p.18
Impressed how the church is now more connected with larger community: always present at protests, offering the building for FFH and Food Bank. Feels like we are finally doing this as a church, not just as individuals
(Aggregated Data by Affinity Group, p.8)
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