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Project Title

Flood Resilient Centre

The main aims of this project are to:

Design a building that helps to restore the normal functioning of communities affected by floods and to reduce the risk of future disasters.
Provide suitable infrastructure to mobilize and coordinate the resources and capacities of various stakeholders, such as government agencies, local authorities, civil society organizations, private sector and donors.
Incorporate disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation measures into the recovery plans and policies to enhance the resilience and sustainability of the communities.
Identify the needs and priorities of the affected population, especially the most vulnerable groups such as women, children, elderly and disabled.
Learn and assess the extent and impact of the flood damage on infrastructure, environment, health, livelihoods and social cohesion.

Proposed Site (Pekan Bt14 Hulu Langat)

The Flood Map of Hulu Langat

Pekan Batu 14 Hulu Langat

Future and in progress development around site

The proposed site is currently a football field (with a pavilion) and 2 blocks of small government building. Facing the site is the government’s public health clinic.

The Site Plan Drawings

The Site Plan in 3D and 2D formats:
AutoCAD format:
site plan drawing_final.dwg
5.2 MB
Google SketchUp format:
Site Plan.skp
18 MB

Built up Area and Schedule of Accommodation Requirements

The built-up area is estimated to be 2500 sqm and
The proposed developed during the first section of the project.

Studio Programs

The studio program has been divided into a few main sections:

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