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Product marketing career table

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Product marketing career table

Descriptions of product marketing roles at various levels from the Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing skills and knowledge expectations

Wondering what’s to be expected as you progress through your PMM journey? Discover key information in our overview summarizing the key roles and responsibilities as you move up the career ladder, from Associate Product Marketing Manager to Director of PMM.
💡 NB: Job titles vary from company to company. Some companies may refer to a Senior Product Marketing Manager as a Product Marketing Team Lead, and so forth. When referring to this career table, establish where roles in your respective company align around the top line buckets we’ve provided below.
If you wanna strip it back to basics, first, let’s start with

What skills are needed to be a PMM?

Before we dive in with the role-specific skills and expectations, there are also a variety of skills and attributes applicable to all levels of product marketing - whether you’re new to the industry or somewhat of a veteran, and these are:
Problem solving
Strategic planning and business skills
Research and analytical skills
Content creation and copywriting.

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