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Survey Questions

Questions for my survey to explore user's wants, needs and pains
This survey does not necessarily apply to people who live in Chicago but who have moved to a different city/country at one point and has had to navigate through said city’s services
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Survey: How Was The Move?

[PLEASE READ] You're answering this survey because you've moved to a different city, state or, country (you go, you!), and you've had to search for information about your new city (ie. transportation, gov services, taxes, etc.) and may have had to apply or request for some government services (ie. apply for a driver's license, assistance, a visa etc.).
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Age *
75 and Above

To which gender identity do you most identify? __
Do you live with a dependent (dependent spouse, child or ward, senior citizen, pet or other)? *

What is your civil status?
Single and in a relationship
Married but separated
Legally divorced or annulled


Where did you move to? and from? *
How do you go about searching for information about your city’s resources and services (ie. license/ID, transportation, parking permits, schools etc.) *
City government website
Private city guide websites (ie. TimeOut)
News articles (digital or print)
Social Media Neighborhood Communities
Social Media Posts and or Stories

3. Could you recall researching about any of your new city's services/resources from the list below?*
Housing Services (ie. search for housing, home rehabilitation permits)
Transportation and Parking (ie. applying for driver's license, parking permits)
Family Health and Social Services (ie. domestic violence support, senior citizen services)
Animal Services (ie. pet permits, report stray animal)
Sanitation Services (ie. trash pick up)

4. Did you use any official government websites to get information on the services/resources from the previous question? *
I don't remember

5. If you answered "YES", did you feel the information was up to date?
I don't remember

6. Rate your experience in locating specific information about any of your city's services/resources while using the city's official website.
Very Easy
Somewhat Easy
Somewhat Difficult
Very Difficult

7. Select the top 3 services your city can offer you to make you feel supported as a resident *
Financial Assistance
Affordable Education
Affordable Housing Options
Clean Public Spaces
Tax Services
Engaging Events
Convenient Transportation
Crisis Intervention
Food Security
Parks and Recreational Services
Pet Services
Services for Persons With Disabilities (PWD)
Accessible Health Services
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