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Interview Script

Guide for my 1:1 interviews to explore user's wants, needs and pains
Hi! Thank you for joining me for a 30 minute 1-1 interview. Today, I’ll be asking you about your experiences with searching for your new city’s services and resources. Everything you tell me will be purely for my study. If you don’t mind, I’d like to record this interview so I can give you my full attention and have some notes to return to later – is that okay?
Before beginning, I’d like briefly describe what a government service is:
[Show a slide providing some examples, entertaining any questions if needed]
What is your age?
What is your current occupation?
What is your current living situation/Civil Status
How many languages do you speak?

Where did you move from? And to where?
How do you go about searching for information about your city’s resources and services?
In your most recent move, what did you consider to be the most important service/resource to apply for or avail of?
Follow up: Feel free to think this one over.
What websites did you use? Did you use any government website?
How credible did you feel your sources were?
Follow up: How did you verify they were credible?
Could you recall researching about any of the city's services/resources, posted here, when you moved? [Show a slide providing some examples, entertaining any questions if needed]
a. Follow Up: Could you tell me the experience from when you were looking up how to do it, up until completing the task?
What could city can offer you to make you feel supported as a resident?

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