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🗺️ Where: Mission District, San Francisco, CA
🗓️ When: Feb 1, 2022 - May 31, 2022
👥 Who: 8-10 Gen Z Founders, Investors, Operators, Tech Enthusiasts!
📨 Contact: Michelle or Trustin on Twitter!
🖥 Application: See form below!

🌁 About (fill with your own description, see example text)

Elysian House brings together the dopest Gen Z builders + dreamers from web3, consumer, community, culture, and so on. We’re not just a house, but a community and collective of the brightest minds. We’re all about grinding our asses of M-F and taking advantage of all that San Francisco has to offer in the evenings and weekends.
If stepping out of your comfort zone, living in community, and having a great time is on your agenda for 2022, Elysian House is for you 💥 No matter what stage you’re at (college/drop out, recent grad, young professional), there’s a place for you.
House Member Backgrounds Include:
Builders & Investors in Consumer Social, Productivity, Web3, and more!
Organizer of LA Tech Week & Crescendo Studio
Above all else, we're looking for passionate, driven, and fun individuals from any background!

🏠 The House

We’ll be at a restored Victorian house with a backyard patio + garden. The space comes with ample work areas, solid + reliable WiFi (the WFH life 💯), well-equipped kitchen, towels + linens, coffee/tea, and furnished common + private area.
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House Pictures
5d388e1b973509c4e41224dd_Outsite San Francisco - Mission - Bedroom 4 13-53-19-219-p-800.jpeg
🚪 Rooms: All available rooms are private!
💸 Cost: TBD, pricing is not finalized as we’re finalizing sponsorships - we’re aiming for sub $1500/month (includes rent, utilities, internet, common amenities)
📍 Location: Mission District (10 min walk to Dolores Park, 2 min walk to Market Street restaurants + shops)
Screen Shot 2022-01-01 at 11.17.44 PM.png
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💬 Questions?

Get in touch with us - just shoot us a DM over Twitter for any questions, concerns, ideas, etc. & we'll get back to you. 👋 You can also text Michelle at 123-456-7890 or Trustin at 123-456-7890!

🖥 Application

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