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Application Tracker

How to use the Application Tracker

Review the columns in the table below titled Applications. Each column is a field in the application form that house applicants will be submitting. Craft your form fields to filter the best applicants.
Once you’ve decided on your form fields, you can see a preview of your form under Application Form. You can hide/show specific columns in the form by hovering over the top right corner of the form and select Options and then Layout to further customize your form!
Once you’re happy with your form, go ahead and hover over the top right corner of the form again and hit Publish Form. You can make changes to the form whenever you want by editing the Applications table and the Application Form layout. Now all the responses from this form link will be populated in the Applications table below ✨
There is also a built-in email automation depending on what stage an applicant is in. You can customize the stages and email templates under App Stage below. Ensure that your doc gives No access to anyone with the link which you can configure in Share settings on the top right of your doc.
Application Form
App Stage
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