The All-in-1 Coliving Guide

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The All-in-1 Coliving Guide

This is a living & breathing document with all my detailed how-to's, templates you can copy and use for your own coliving journey, and answers to many FAQs.

Copy this document to utilize the templates in this guide and read on about the ins & outs of coliving.
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I’m Michelle 👋 the co-founder of Elysian House & an avid community builder in SF. I decided to put together this guide after getting many questions about where to start when thinking about coliving. I’ve nomaded around the country coliving throughout the past year & you can find some of the houses/work I’ve done featured by , , , and .
Coliving has been such an impactful and life-changing experience for me that I hope every Gen Zer and alike can participate. And this is where the guide comes in!

In this guide, I’ll cover:
💭 Where to start in your coliving journey
🏡 Everything you need to start your own coliving house
💸 How we secured six figures in sponsorship $
🗓 How we threw 30+ community events
⚙️ 10+ editable templates & process automations

Ready to Jump In? Let’s Go →

💙 Hoping this guide is fruitful for wherever you are in your coliving journey — I’m always open to feedback and connecting on this topic, feel free to reach out via (DMs open)! Cheers!

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