The All-in-1 Coliving Guide
Organizing a House

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Post-House and Closing

Congrats! Now that you’re nearing the end of your house, here are some tips to ensure a smooth close out and proper closing for the house & members.

Send move out instructions to everyone before the last day.

If you are renting from Airbnb, the host will typically outline what the move-out instructions are (take out trash, move furniture back to how they were found, sheets stripped from bed, etc.) or if people are moving in and out, be sure that the room/area is set up well for the next person.
Tip: Cleaning out the Kitchen/Pantry takes the most time, so I recommend doing cleanup as a group activity to clear out & wipe down everything in the kitchen altogether.
Be clear when move-out time is (i.e. 11 am on X day) - especially if it’s Airbnb, some hosts may be really strict on that time since the cleaners have to come and prepare for the next set of guests.

Make sure all finances are paid or accounted for.

This doesn’t have to be done on the very last day, but a general rule of thumb to have most things finalized before everyone disperses. Ensure rent is paid by everyone & any communal budget or shared expenses between people are settled.

Ask for feedback/send a message thanking everyone.

As an organizer, feedback is always appreciated and closing out the house on good terms. Experiences are valuable and can guide how you can improve or what to watch out for next time around.

Set up a way for all members to keep in touch.

Whether this be the group chat or another means of reunion, I like to have a way for all members to still be able to contact each other and arrange a reunion if everyone is in town.
All the above are by no means a comprehensive guide for all coliving houses (each are unique), if you have any specific questions feel free to reach out on !

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