The All-in-1 Coliving Guide

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Organizing a House

This page is a tangible guide to start your own coliving house & is divided into the following three steps:
There’s a lot to unbundle here. If you’re thinking about starting a coliving house, I lay out a step-by-step framework for how I have tackled houses from start to finish.
This page is meant to be read in order and covers all the below topics:
What to Look Out For in a Coliving Property
Coliving House Collaborations

Best of luck! Organizing a house has easily been one of the most rewarding experiences for me to date & helped me launch my career in ways other opportunities might not have been able to. While it can be challenging and requires work, my goal is to help make that easier through this guide! 🥂

* To clarify, the context of “organizing a coliving house” refers more so to coliving houses that aren’t a revenue/profit based business. My guide is meant to empower individuals who want to arrange this experience for themselves and other individuals.
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