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Coliving Expectations Document

Here’s the Coliving Expectations Document that we made all our residents sign after they were accepted and prior to moving in the house. Edit any fields highlighted in red. Remember to delete this instructions section!
Welcome to Elysian House! Here’s a document we put together outlining what to expect from living at our house. This is by no means a comprehensive list but a great guide to making the most of your experience & time with us.
House Address: 123 Main St, San Francisco, CA
Check-in: Feb 1, 2022 after 5pm PST
Check-out: May 31, 2022 before 11 am PST
** We have been notified that the neighbors are strict about their No Noise After 10pm policy. We won’t be blasting music, hosting events, etc. after this time and expect all housemates to abide by this as well!
The biggest thing to having a good time in coliving is COMMUNICATION. There’s no such thing as “over-communication.” Re: any group or personal issues, we are an open & safe space to express any issues rather than having to “tolerate” others.
Ask any and all questions - no question is a dumb one!
We will be communicating house plans, announcements, voting/polls, general chat, etc. through our house group chat!

Community Mindset
Everyone can and is encouraged to take initiative to plan events & hangouts!
Be respectful & community-first. Be considerate of shared spaces and staying quiet while others are working or in calls.
Over-communication is key. Don’t make assumptions or have expectations before asking or taking something. Elysian House is an open environment where no question is a dumb question and it’s always best to clarify so no one gets disappointed or upset.

House Meetings/Dinner
We’ll have weekly house meeting/dinners (time TBD based on everyone’s schedules) to go over that week’s events & happenings, chores, and an open space to discuss everything. This is to ensure that we are all on the same page & have a regular space to communicate anything and everything!

Elysian House is built on community and we are looking forward to hosting events together! Some external events we can discuss to host as a house for the community are:
Tech Happy Hours
Collaboration events with other companies or coliving houses

House Hangouts
Everyone is able and encouraged to plan activities with the house! Some fun ones to do around SF are:
Parks + Picnics
Museums + Touristy Things
Game Nights
House Meals + Cook Offs
... and many more! Come with your best SF bucket list :)
Everyone is in charge of their own meals. Groceries and food marts are readily nearby for getting groceries and cooking, as well as a plethora of restaurants.
The house is also accessible to DoorDash/UberEats/Postmates.
We will have scheduled house meals based on everyone’s availability, in which we’ll share the cost of cooking or we’ll go to a restaurant together!
This one is obvious, but if something isn’t yours (outside of communal shared items), don’t take without asking.

Everyone is expected to keep shared spaces clean and cleared of trash. Anytime you are cooking food, please be sure to wash your dishes & kitchen items right after you cook to avoid piling up dirty dishes in the sink. Don’t cook if you don’t also have the time to clean up after yourself!
Please keep personal areas as clean as possible to respect shared rooms. We ask that common areas inside the house are shoes-off (to keep the house tidy and make it easier when we are cleaning)
Everyone is responsible for helping clean common areas (wiping down counters, taking out trash, tidying). We will figure out rotations and share a doc that will keep everyone accountable closer to the move-in date.
Always be kind and considerate of others, don’t slack on your share of chores. I.e. if you are throwing something out and see the trash full, don’t leave the trash for someone else to clean up after you, just take out the trash + put a new bag in.

Shared Expenses:
Some of the following items may be purchased and shared as a house:
Toilet Paper/Hand Soaps/Dishwasher & other essentials
Kitchen Essentials (Oil, Salt + Pepper, etc.)
House Meals/Events
Other expenses will be voted on in the chat on a case-by-case basis.
Shared expenses are only split if everyone in the house participates and uses the expenses.
The expectation of sharing any expenses is that it’s split via Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay, etc. between the purchaser + the house members involved. Please be cordial to the person covering the expenses by Venmoing them as soon as you can and not making assumptions of people covering for you. (Especially Ubers/Lyfts - be sure to pay people back!)

House Amenities
What to expect from the house/items you don’t need to bring!
Private Rooms: Furnishing (Bed, Sheets, Pillows, Desk + Chair, Lamp)
Common Areas: WiFi: 100 Mb/s, Workspace Areas, Printer, TVs, Kitchen equipped with essentials, Coffee + Tea, Laundry On-Site, Secure Locks + Building Entry
Bathrooms: Soaps and Shampoos, Hair Dryers, Towels

The culture of our house is very external & social (meaning we go to concerts, nightclubs, happy hours, restaurants, talk to a lot of people, etc.) - all house members are expected to be cognizant of COVID/Delta + Omicron Variants. We just wanted everyone to be aware of the risks that we are taking.
Additionally, if you are experiencing any symptoms or feeling unwell, you are expected to communicate and share with the group ASAP so we can figure out an alternative stay/quarantine immediately. Remember, living in the house means that everyone’s exposure is shared. You can express any concerns if you are uncomfortable to Trustin & Michelle!

Guest Policy
Each member of the house is allowed to bring a guest for 3 days if desired. Guests will be allotted space on the couch or an empty bed if there is one available. Anything above the 3 day duration, the guest will be asked to pay a nightly rate for the stay at the house and use of common/shared areas (including significant others staying in the same bedrooms). This rate is $65/night.
Guests are expected to be respectful of the house & shared space, clean, and follow all house rules. House members are liable for any damage or inconvenience caused by the guest. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that the guest will be able to join all house internal & external events (although we will try our best to accommodate).
If you choose to bring a guest to Elysian House, please be sure to notify the group & communicate as early/clearly as possible.

SF is a super walkable and accessible city - transportation options include walking, BART, Muni, Uber, Lyft, Taxi, Turo, to name the most popular ones.

Check Out - May 31, 2022 at 11 am PST
Closer to checkout, we will share important announcements and instructions for check out per the house owner. Some general guidelines to remember:
Clean the kitchen & fridge - make sure all your items are out of the pantry/fridge/freezer, do not leave any spills or food waste on the fridge or counters, and help wipe down any counter space and tables.
Remove any & all garbage from your room (so we don’t get charged for cleaning/item removal) and common areas, we take the trash out together.
Ensure you have all your items (don’t leave anything behind in your room and anything in the bathrooms!) - we suggest packing your items the night before check out.
Leave all furniture and decor the same way you found it! Please be respectful and cordial :)

Misconduct Policy
Note that we expect every house member to be respectful, considerate, and practice appropriate behavior. Any misconduct can result in Trustin and Michelle as the house organizers to remove any house member from the house permanently, without refund of the rent paid. Every case is handled case-by-case, and will always have proper communication before any decision is made.
Our goal is to create a safe and inclusive environment, however Trustin + Michelle are not personally liable for any damages or issues that happen within the house. We’re all adults and we expect every one to act like one!
If you have any questions or concerns after reading through the expectations, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions! No question is a dumb one :)
Organizer Contact 1: (000) 111-2222
Organizer Contact 2: (333) 444-5555
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