Guidance and How to Play [Shop/Reception]

Learn what to do and how to do it.
👋 Hello there!

Thanks for joining the adventure, you will explore the past while wandering around Hexham Old Gaol.
It was
Monday the 9th March
in 1761 when Hexham Market Square was the site of a massacre.

Katarate Tails from the Jails (🥋🐈‍⬛) invites you to experience the Riot of 1761 from different perspectives.

Play on your phone and make your own choices. Follow a person who was there, with an
but a
from the day.

How to Play

Read the information on the page, then, you make a choice to decide what you wish to find out next. GoTo to the [room] indicated by
choice, find the next stage in your story and tap or scan your phone on the sticker to find out what happened next.
Visit the Gaol Room chosen by
story’s next action
[NFC users] Tap your phone on the tag with the choice you made
[QR Code users] Activate camera to QR Code with the choice you made
Read about what happened that Monday 260 years ago
Make your choice of what you would like to know next
GoTo 1 and REPEAT

Using NFC on your phone

Using QR Codes on your phone

Choose your first step and GoTo [room]:

Hexham on Sunday 8th March 1761 [Fenwick Room]

Want to learn more about Hexham Old Gaol? [Dodd Room]

What was Hexham like in the 1760s? [Dodd Room]

Glossary [Anywhere - button below]

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