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This is the master document for organising the UniversityOfTruth Truthstream.Live Event
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In both roles, my most successful moments were when our front line teams felt like experts in our newest products, our users and customers found immediate value in the features we shipped for them, and our product teams felt plugged-into (and invested in!) steady cycles of inboundーfrom our users, the marketplace, and competitors.
As a Product Marketing Manager, demonstrating expertise and navigating cross-functional nuance are core to my daily work. Thanks to Coda, I have a single source of truth that’s part operational system, part insights library, part communal resource, and entirely easy to share, keep up-to-date, and navigate. Gone are my days of digging thru bookmarks or keeping spreadsheets of links to other resources!
It might take a little bit of time upfront, but once you’ve put your spin on the pages in this doc, I’ve got faith you’ll find your flow moves a little more quickly, and your colleagues will be able to help themselves a bit more independently.
Check out the table below for an overview of what’s inside, or click thru the pages and subpages at left to get started!
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What's Inside
Your roster ー both for your core team, and the “extended family” that all contribute to great experiences taking products to market.
Document your norms and best practices for internal communication. Be the cross-functional teammate whisperer you were born to be.
PMMs have great memories. For everything else, there’s the Insights Library.
Clarify and align on your research agenda with your fellow PMs, product team colleagues, and researchers.
Quickly reference details about who you build for and target.
The roadmap you’ve always dreamed ofーas a table and a calendar.
Establish tiers for your launches to make sure your users don’t think you’re always shouting at them, and your PMs don’t think you’re only ever whispering about their great features.
A Coda tried-and-true “mini-brief” to guide internal comms, messaging drafts and channel alignment for your launches..
Document your messaging norms, core value props and boiler plates, and refer to them for quick and easy use.
Especially helpful for newer teammates, a dictionary or glossary of nouns and frequently used terms can help everyone move quickly, and consistently.
Who do I talk to for social media? What are the rules for our blog? What’s the best way to send out a scaled email campaign? Log it all here, and ship content like a boss.
Document the info that will have you singing We are the Champions every day of the work week.
Help your teammates have honest, well-rounded conversations in competitive contexts.
Oh, those sweet, sweet numbers.
Priorities. Priorities. Priorities. Use this page to set and stay on track with your OKRs.
Those worthy projects you just can’t get to in this cycle? Log them and stack rank them here.
You’ll notice some of the tables throughout this hub have drop-down menus (”select lists”). If you want to modify any of these for your team, you can find the source tables in the pages in the “vault.”
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