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Benefit policies for Madcats team members

Insurance Coverage and Eligibility

Restaurant offers insurance policies for team members at a discounted rate. Please contact the management team for more details.

Vacation and Time-Off

In this section, set out 1. the amount of notice you require and 2. the approval process staff need to go through when requesting vacation time. Define the amount of time staff can take on a yearly basis and if/how they will be paid for that time. While US restaurant’s aren’t required to give vacation time, it’s a tool you can use as an attractive employee benefit.
Note that labor laws around vacation are different between the US and Canada.
US: The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not require payment for time not worked, such as vacations.
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Meal entitlements

No restaurant employer is required to provide meals to their employees for free. However, as a food provider, it is a benefit (and a kindness) you can use to entice new employees, keep current staff happy and add to your workplace experience. How you offer meals is up to your discretion. You might provide employees with one free meal per shift, create a discounted staff menu, or subsidized a portion of the meal cost.

Employee meals

What is the meal break policy, and can employees eat food from the restaurant? If so, is it available for free, is there a discount, or will they be asked to pay full price? Finally, if there is a discount, does that apply when they are not working?


If you offer insurance, explain your policy here.

Feedback and suggestions-

Being able to speak openly to management, make suggestions, and leave feedback are perks not every place of work encourages. If you do encourage this, reassure new hires that their ideas, concerns, and recommendations are always welcome.

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