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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word training courses to use Word proficiently and save time
Microsoft Word – Level 1
This course provides the essential skills needed to create, edit, format, and print Word documents.
Recommended Duration
Approx. 1 Day (6 Hours)
Word Level 1 Topics
1. Creating Documents
This lesson introduces the Word screen and how you can obtain Help when you need it.
Entering text, Previewing, Printing and Saving a document are also covered.
2. Editing a document
This lesson covers quick ways to edit a multipage document and using AutoText to automatically insert common blocks of text and graphics
3. Formatting text
This lesson focuses on fast, effective ways to format text within your document. Including why using the bold and italics buttons is not the best thing to do.
You also learn how to quickly format and reformat a document in less time than it would normally takes others.
4. Formatting paragraphs
This lesson explains the important difference between Grammatical Paragraphs and Word Paragraphs to avoid common pitfalls others experience using Word, especially when working with Bullets and Numbers.
You also learn to quickly format paragraphs.
5. Proofing a document
This lesson explains how to use the in-built features of Word to proof your document and ensure it is free of spelling and grammar mistakes.
You also learn to use the Thesaurus to help find and use alternative words within your text.
6. Tables
This lesson covers the basics of creating and working with tables in Word.
7. Inserting graphics and videos
This lesson details easy ways to add and edit pictures and watermarks into your document, as well as inserting videos, special text characters, symbols and shapes.
8. Setting page appearance
This lesson deals with the document as a whole and shows ways to change the layout of your document including Margins, Page Orientation and more.
9. Extras
Version Control and Recover Unsaved Documents

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Microsoft Word – Level 2
This course will increase your expertise with Word. You learn quick ways to create and manage lists, tables (simple and complex), modify pictures, control text flow, work with and manage styles and templates, and perform mail merge operations.
Recommended Duration
Approx. 1 Day (6 Hours)
Word Level 2 Topics
1. More About Formatting
- Line and Page Breaks
- Widow and Orphan Control
- Keep a paragraph with the next paragraph
- Keep Lines Together
- Page Break Before
- Section Breaks
- Text Columns
2. Managing Lists
- Sort a List
- Restart the numbering of a List
(Right Click on the number)
- Create a Multi Level List
(Shift Alt and the arrow keys )
3. More About Tables
- Sort a Table
- Convert Text to a Table
- Add a Calculation/Formula to a Table
- Create a chart in Word
4. Working with Custom Styles
- Create a New Style
- Create a Character Style
- Create a Paragraph Style
- Adding a Page Break before a Heading Style
5. More about Graphics
- Draw Shapes and Lines
(Shift to make perfect Shape or CTRL to draw from centre)
- Insert Icons, 3d Shapes, SmartArt, Charts
- Take and insert Screenshots
6. Using Word with other Applications
- Link Excel Spreadsheets or Charts into Word
- View the Links dialog box from the Files menu
- Break or Update Links or View the source
- Send a document as an Email attachment
- Export a document to PDF
- Open and Edit a PDF in Word
7. Extras
- Create and Use a Template
- Share Documents with others
- Collaborate live on Documents with others
- Mail Merge
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Microsoft Word – Level 3
This course provides the skills for working faster with long documents, including linking information from other programs. Topics covered include Tables of Contents, Indexes and cross-references, how others can electronically review your documents, and how to create Forms that can be completed electronically.
Recommended Duration
Approx. 1 Day (6 Hours)
Word Level 3 Topics
Track Changes
- Turn on Track Change
- Lock Track Changes so others can’t turn it off
- Send the document for review
- Review the document
- Add comments to the document
- Turn off Track Changes
- Accept or Reject your colleagues’ changes
- How to compare documents
Add Reference Marks and Notes
- Insert Bookmarks
- Insert Footnotes and Endnotes
- Add Table and Figure Captions
- Insert Cross References
Make long documents easier to work with
- Mark Text for Indexing
- Insert an Index
- Insert a Table of Figures/Captions
- Create a Table of Contents
- Create Master and Sub Documents
- Create and update a Table of Contents
Protect Documents
- Mark a Document as Final
- Make a Document Read Only
- Password Protect a Document
- Remove Password Protection
- Share a Document as View Only
- Block ability to Download a View Only Document
- Revoke access to a Shared Document
Creating forms
- Add Form Fields
- Protect the Form
- Fill-in a Form

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