Pricing+Budget Tips

How to budget/best practices for compensating your freelancer
What is a typical going rate for Pangean services?
On Pangea, we see an average hourly rate of $15 - $30, but fixed weekly/monthly stipends or pay-per-task can help you plan and stay on budget.
For example, you can contract a Pangean to do social media management or publishing assistant tasks for you for 10 hours a week and agree to pay them a weekly stipend of $150-$300 (backing their hourly rate into a fixed set of hours worked each week). This helps with staying on budget as hours won鈥檛 fluctuate week to week.
You can also agree on specific rates for the completion of individual tasks using our pay-per-task model. Below is an example of the tasks Lauren worked on with Welby and how they priced them out.
Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 10.55.08 AM.png
What is the payment cadence when working with a Pangean?
Agreed upon before entering into a contract, the payment cadence is how often your freelancer should invoice you and when they can expect to have their invoices paid out.
Most Pangeans on hourly & weekly stipend contracts send one invoice on a weekly basis that their client agrees to pay out within a few days. For example, the agreement can be that your freelancer should have their invoice for the week submitted on Sunday nights and you agree to log in and pay them out every Monday.
On the pay per-task model, cadences can be more ad hoc, where invoices could be sent upon the completion of each task. Once you鈥檝e reviewed and approved of their work, you can process the payment at the agreed upon time.
General Pricing
Do I have to pay to use Pangea?
No! There is no cost to create an account, post a job, or set up a contract with a freelancer. We want to make working with emerging talent as easy as possible for companies of all sizes and ensure talent is fairly compensated for their time and efforts. With this mission in mind, the only cost is what you鈥檙e paying your Pangean, plus a 5% processing fee on each transaction.
Who sets the terms of payment/budget?
All rates are negotiable between you and the Pangeans. Compensation can be structured as hourly pay, fixed weekly or monthly stipends, or pay-per-task/deliverable.
How is payment processed?
On Pangea your freelancer will submit an invoice for your review that you can then process for payment. Payments can be processed using a credit or debit card that can be saved to your Pangea account, making the process quick and seamless. ACH can also be used, but we strongly advise setting up your payment method with a credit or debit card for a faster processing time for your freelancer.
Can I pay Pangeans off-platform and use my own contracts?
While you鈥檙e welcome to have Pangeans sign additional paperwork like a company-specific NDA, all payments must be processed through the platform. No exceptions.
If you find a Pangean that you鈥檇 like to hire full-time and put them on your own payroll system, you can do so for a one-time off-boarding fee (15% of their first year's expected salary capped at $5,000). That being said, our payment gateway makes it easy to create simple contracts, view invoices, and make payments, plus we handle all the 1099鈥檚 so you don鈥檛 have to.
Linked below is a copy of our NDA + Contractual Obligations, which all Pangeans agree to when they enter into an engagement.
93.3 kB
Optional Subscription Plan
We offer a paid subscription plan called Pangea Unleash, which gives clients more flexibility and control in the process of generating applications/interests in your job opportunity.
As an Unleash subscriber clients get 10X the number of invitations per job post (30 invites).
The Unleash plan costs $600 and is billed annually. For more information and to upgrade your account please see go to 鈥渟ettings鈥 in your Pangea account and select 鈥淰iew Plans鈥 from the drop-down menu.
The off-boarding fee listed on the subscription page is also referred to as our "graduation fee". It's a one-time fixed fee that is charged when a client would like to bring a Pangean on as a W2 hire and no longer pay them through Pangea鈥檚 payment gateway. This fee is 15% of the first year's expected salary capped at $5,000. There is no additional fee to start working with a freelancer as a contractor on Pangea and there is no fee when you're ready to end the contract.
Non-subscribers can use Pangea for free on our Explore plan where you get 10 unique invites per job posting.

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