Pangean Use Cases

What type of work can Pangeans do?
Pangeans are best suited for remote projects in the areas of digital marketing, social media management, content creation, graphic design, web development, writing, research, and user testing to name a few. Many Pangeans are well versed in more than one of these areas, so you鈥檒l get plenty of bang for your buck.
Is the talent vetted?
To join Pangea, all students must have a valid .edu or .ca email address. Pangeans who are accepted into our are vetted beforehand and complete a series of workshops we host to accelerate their careers as professional freelancers. Another category of college talent is our Pangea Pros. Pangea Pros have completed an application process that requires them to have proven work experience and a reference check. You鈥檒l be able to identify who has gone through the Emerging Talent Program and who is a Pangea Pro by the badges on their profiles.
What sets Pangea apart from UpWork/Fiverr?
There are many things that set us apart from UpWork & Fiverr besides focusing exclusively on college talent. Through Pangea, you can conduct interviews, go about your business as you please, and connect with young, hungry, passionate freelancers.
What are the requirements of working with a freelancer from Pangea?
When working with a freelancer from Pangea it is only required that they are paid for the work that they do (no unpaid work), and all rates are negotiable between you and the freelancer. Contracts on Pangea are flexible so you can work as short term or as long term with them as you would like.
NDP Specific
NDP authors have previously sought out Pangeans to work specifically as publishing assistant freelancers.
The main areas of work Pangeans have helped NDP authors with include
Securing Book Reviews
Outreach to secure speaking/media/podcast/press opportunities
Social Media Management

Below are examples of tasks freelancers have been assigned by NDP Authors. These tasks can be listed out in the responsibilities section of your job post & contract or they can be assigned ad hoc through the task management system on Pangea
Example PA Tasks
Work Type
Book Reviews
Write an email campaign that can be used to reach out to people who bought the book during the pre sale encouraging them to leave reviews
Reach out to 200 people about pre-sales of the book to secure book reviews from them (Amazon, Goodreads)
Manage inbox/inbound from outreach to secure book reviews
Prospect to build a list of book reviewers & do outreach to them via email (20-30 book reviewers)
Research book review services/companies and present findings to determine if certain book review sites are worth engaging with
Prospect to build a list of podcasts that would be a good fit for me to speak on based on my background/book. Must get contract information of podcast team/creator (20-30 shows)
Prospect to build a list of local bookstores, libraries, and organizations for speaking & events that would be a good fit for me to speak on based on my background/book. Must get point of contact infomation (20-30 stores/events)
Prospect to build a list of local media + press outlets & journalists. Must get point of contact infomation (25-35 outlets)
Build list of accounts/businesses for potential collaborations. Must get point of contact information (20-30 accounts/businesses)
Build a list of conferences and/or book fairs related to the author and their book. Must get point of contact information (20-30 conferences)
Conduct outreach via email (phone optional) to secure opportunities based on desired end goal from prospected list
Social Media
Set up a business social media account on platform(s) of author choice - FB, IG, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter
Conduct an audit of existing social media accounts to see what is working well/not working well to aid in creating an informed social media strategy moving forward
Research hashtags (for author's main social media platform)
Create a monthly social media content plan & calendar that can easily be replicated for future months
Batch create social media content (including posts, graphics, and copy) to be posted by schedule listed in content calendar (30 posts per month)
Post visual and written content according to content calendar
Engage in the comments of author's posts + respond to/oversee author's DMs (1 - 2 hrs per week)
Research social media influencers who would be a good fit to help promote the book & reach out to secure a partnership
Ongoing management of social media account(s) - continuous calendar creation, content creation, and engagement

For guidance on how to compensate your freelancer for the tasks/areas of work above please see , specifically How to Budget/Best Practices for Compensating Your Freelancer

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