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Greetings NDP authors!

Congratulations on wrapping up your very first book. Now that you’re set to be published, you may be getting your first look at the other side of the writer’s coin. The marketing and public relations work that goes into promoting your book may seem daunting, but that’s why NDP has partnered with , the largest network of college freelancers. Whether you’re looking for assistance with marketing, social media management, outreach, or all of the above, Pangea provides you access to skilled publishing assistants and freelancers at the fraction of the price of an expensive firm.
Our Pangeans (as we call them) can help alleviate the stress of your post-publishing workload and allow you to focus on the aspects of the process you’re most passionate about. Your publishing assistant will be working directly with you to grow your audience, establish your public and social media presence, and implement the content and marketing strategies required to accomplish your goals. This will be an outcome-driven relationship tailored to your specific needs, defined by the parameters of whichever PA package you choose.
Thousands of businesses have turned to Pangea for their hiring needs. The network of college students and recent grads are eager to make a positive impact on your business. Your future is bright and so is theirs.
To learn more about ways NDP Authors have worked with Pangea freelancers see and . When you’re ready to hire a Pangean of your own, see for next steps to get started.
Excited to share this with you!
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