Working with Your Pangean

Kick-Off Call: Your First Meeting after the offer was accepted
The goal of the kick-off call should be for both you and your freelancer to get aligned. This will allow you to establish the best ways to work together to accomplish your goals.
The key to success when it comes to working with your Pangean is maintaining a clear line of communication. This communication can take on a variety of forms, but we recommend creating both short and long-form communication channels to ensure you and your PA are on the same page and readily accessible to each other.
Short Form
You will want to create a short-form means of communication with your PA so each of you is able to get ahold of the other. This can be through email, text messages, or any other form the two of you agree upon. Once you establish how you will stay in contact, make sure both you and your PA run all communication through those means ONLY so your correspondence is all in one place and can be referred back to if necessary.
Long Form
You will also want to create a long-form means of communication. This can be through phone calls, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. Whatever means you choose, work up a schedule with your PA for regular check-ins. These can be once a week or twice a month and will usually be around half an hour long. Just make sure you and your PA establish what this cadence is early on and stick to it throughout the duration of your relationship. We鈥檝e seen reoccurring weekly Zoom check-ins to track progress and set goals to be most helpful.
What Your Pangean Needs from You
Before you end your first meeting, make sure to allow them to communicate their needs/expectations as well. Allow them to be open and upfront about how they work best and what they need from you to do their job to the best of their ability.
A great Author-Pangean relationship is grounded in open communication and clear expectations.
You will also need to provide the following information to your Pangean. (This does not need to be on the call, can come after)
Author one-pager
List of previous speaking engagements/topics
List of previous podcasts/topics
Social media handles (and access to other accounts they desire for you to run for them, i.e.: email newsletter, blog, etc.)
Any additional information not already on your one-pager

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