The Encryption Template

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Some handy canvas formulas.

Setup Guide

VAR Setup Sidebar URL
I use a weird hack to prevent Coda’s Formula Builder from popping up when interacting with the “Supported Characters” feature of the Setup Guide’s Custom Setup option. It works by opening a link to the current page’s current row with OpenWindow() immediately after the user clicks a button. As long as that row is visible within the viewport, Coda doesn’t scroll the page so there’s no jarring side effect. ObjectLink() returns a link to the page, but we need to include the “row hash” for the hack to work, otherwise Coda opens a new browser tab. We just hardcode this hash because, thankfully, when someone copies a doc the row hashes are all retained in the copied version. This will only need to be updated if the position of the “sidebar” is moved elsewhere on the page or in the doc.

Sidebar’s row hash.
Sidebar’s full URL.

VAR Quick Start - Custom Setup - Char Set Sidebar
This block allows users who select the “Custom Setup” option to select the character sets they’d like to include in their own setup. Character sets can be managed from the page. When you click a button within a canvas formula (as we ask the user to do below), the Formula

Latin Basic
Punctuation & Symbols
Uppercase & Lowercase
New Line, Space

Latin-1 Supplement
Punctuation & Symbols
Uppercase & Lowercase

Latin Extended-A
European Latin

Microsoft Word
Dashes, spaces, quotes

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