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NFT Marketplace For Real-World-Assets and IP

What it is.

Turn any physical item or IP into a NFT.
Our marketplace enables firms and private individuals to digitize every real world asset.
The leading Swiss marketplace for NFTs backed by physical assets. Buy, sell, and invest in collectible items.
The most powerful infrastructure in the market to unlock capital from real assets through crypto.
enables users to earn income on their real assets, freeing up capital and allowing crypto investors to diversify into a real asset portfolio.
We want to make high-valued collectibles accessible to anyone interested in building their collection.
After marketplaces and collectors NFT their real assets, they can earn income, resell them, or even pawn for instant liquidity.
Rollapp authenticates and appraises collectibles. When desired, we store the items in a secure physical vault via partnerships.

Get supercharged fro the next wave.

Web3 play with focus on fractionalisation of real assers you can use as collateral for yield.
Live NFT marketplace, stablecoin protocol and AMM, all within a single experience.

Access vastly more efficient capital through on-chain liquidity

RWA authentication by renowned “physical nodes” group of partners and appraisers.
Complete projection against asset risk via tier 1 insurance.
More yield with less risk. Ongoing distributions.

What if...

You could earn income from valuable items sitting at home via our know-your-object process or in custody? All while making it possible for ANYONE to own ANYTHING with access to instant liquidity.
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More details...

Most real items sit idle, generating no returns. Meanwhile wealthy collectors are cashing in to borrow against their Picasso and Ferraris.
Moreover, growing asset prices mean fans and collectors are often priced out of the assets they would love to own. This means only a small group of investors have liquidity to access those deals by taking months to pledge their assets.
The value of privately held art alone is estimated at more than $2 trillion, and the current market for art loans is already at $400 billion. Moreover, there are $256 trillion of real-world assets.
Most of these assets are still signified by paper and are highly illiquid. Ownership will continue to move from analog to digital and (we predict) we will witness the release of trillions of illiquid assets into liquid marketplaces.

Value proposition

All-in-one market
Single & Fractional shared ownership
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What it does.

is a marketplace for real-world asset backed NFTs, allowing investors to unlock the value of their physical items as collateral. It provides individuals and companies with the Rollup toolset to create fractional NFTs for their physical assets.

How to start / How it works.

All that you need to do first is to have a Curio Invest account.
Connect your Ethereum wallet to the platform and create or buy a collectible.
Asset originators consign their real assets digitally, decreasing costs and, addressing key liquidity gaps.
Rollapp enables you to
(rollapp needs a description on About page. There is not enough about it online. An informal Q and A format maybe. This is meant to appeal to retailer investors, so it must have a clear language and message.)
Once you submit your asset in exchange for an (authentic) physical NFT, our platform valuates and matches a loan which is reinvested at our DEX in exchange for yield.
Your asset, your loan to value, your tenure length.
All functional, all live, all instant.
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