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Join us in making all the assets you love investable!

Our vision is that all real assets and IP will be someday represented as tokens, therefore making them more accessible and liquidity for everyone.

We work around the clock to provide tools for businesses and users to unlock value from real assets via crypto. Curio Capital provides a single-stop solution to manage the tokenization life cycle of real assets and IP.
We do so by providing open technologies to companies and users to tokenize their assets, use them as collateral to take on loans as well as access additional liquidity via DeFi.
The benefits of tokenization are numerous. It makes it possible to invest in assets that were previously inaccessible or illiquid, such as real estate, fine art, and private equity. Because the tokens represent fractional ownership in an asset rather than actual ownership, much higher levels of control and access can be granted to investors without compromising the underlying asset.
Tokenization is bringing liquidity to the $256 trillion market for illiquid assets, making investment access possible for millions of people around the world.
Our mission is to pave the way for a more inclusive future by unlocking value from real assets.
Our strategy for 2022 is to populate our market places with hundreds of assets by attracting significant several companies. For 2023, we are targeting enhancing our asset-backed collateralization module opening therefore new liquidity opportunities. This would allow us to onboard any user by 2024.
We invite you to join us on our journey by becoming a shareholder of Curio Capital AG.

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