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Join us in making all the assets you love investable!

Our vision is that all real assets and IP will be someday represented as tokens, therefore making them more accessible and liquidity for everyone.

We work around the clock to provide tools for businesses and users to unlock value from real assets via crypto. Curio Capital provides a single-stop solution to manage the tokenization life cycle of real assets and IP.
We do so by providing open technologies to companies and users to tokenize their assets, use them as collateral to take on loans as well as access additional liquidity via DeFi.
The benefits of tokenization are numerous. It makes it possible to invest in assets that were previously inaccessible or illiquid, such as real estate, fine art, and private equity. Because the tokens represent fractional ownership in an asset rather than actual ownership, much higher levels of control and access can be granted to investors without compromising the underlying asset.
Tokenization is bringing liquidity to the $256 trillion market for illiquid assets, making investment access possible for millions of people around the world.
Our mission is to pave the way for a more inclusive future by unlocking value from real assets.
Our strategy for 2022 is to populate our market places with hundreds of assets by attracting significant several companies. For 2023, we are targeting enhancing our asset-backed collateralization module opening therefore new liquidity opportunities. This would allow us to onboard any user by 2024.
We invite you to join us on our journey by becoming a shareholder of Curio Capital AG.

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Our Shares

Curio Capital AG is a Swiss corporation based in Zug with trade register number CHE-211.446.654. It’s purpose is to develop software tools to unlock value from real assets via blockchain technologies.
Its capital is divided into 20′000′000 shares with a nominal value of 0.10 CHF each, out of which 91′431 shares are held by the company itself.
On the basis of a Registration Agreement, XX Curio Capital shares are registered on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-20 tokens named Draggable Curio Capital AG Shares.
The current market price per share is x.32 CHF, implying a market capitalization of 25M CHF.

Business model

Creating liquidity from real-world assets and IP

In addition to providing software and development services, the company manages the , an online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a wide variety of goods and services worldwide. The website is free to use for buyers, but sellers are charged fees for listing items after a limited number of free listings and an additional or separate fee when those items are sold.
Curio Capital AG generates revenue by charging fees for services, listing product features, and a final value fee for sales proceeds by sellers. As of 2021 the Swiss-based Rollapp store charges 2% as an insertion fee for a basic listing without any adornments - fee is charged upon the initial sale of NFT. The final value fee can grow up to 10% of the total amount of the sale, which is the price of the item plus shipping charges. Additionally, NFTs traded generated royalties in the for of a commission linked to their valuation. While the royalty fee (up to 10%) is fixed by the asset originator, 20% of each trade is charged as a platform fee.
Unlike traditional e-commerce websites such as eBay which use outdated data centers, the firm differentiates itself by using more secure blockchain-based technologies. The company's business strategy includes increasing different objects sold via the marketplace as well as international trade. Rollapp has already over 5 item categories such as cars, watches, sneakers and so on moreover it expanded to Europe.

Subsidiary: Curio AG (FL)

This website is owned and operated by Curio AG, a subsidiary company incorporated in Vaduz, Liechtenstein under the Companies Act.
CurioInvest is an online platform powered by blockchain technology that enables investors to purchase tokens directly backed by limited edition collectible cars. These tokens allow investors to share in the profit if the value of the underlying vehicle increases.
CurioInvest platform will simplify the investment process – investors can register and purchase tokens online, while CurioInvest Invest manages the purchase, maintenance, insurance, and sale of the vehicle, as well as all related administration and paperwork. Asset tokenization. Asset tokenization refers to a process whereby a digital asset is created that is directly backed by a physical asset such as a car. CurioInvest Invest aims to use modern technologies such as crowdfunding and asset tokenization to bring small- and mid-level investors to the market.
Asset Identification. CurioInvest Invest identifies a rare classic or modern collectible car that is priced competitively and likely to increase in value over time. Crowdfunding. To finance the car, CurioInvest Invest launches a crowdfunding campaign. Investors and car enthusiasts can now invest in the vehicle. The funds are stored in an escrow (smart contract).
If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, CurioInvest Invest will acquire the vehicle and place it in storage with its maintenance partner, Mechatronik Fahrzeug- und Motorentechnik GmbH. If the crowdfunding campaign cannot be completed within three months, investors will be refunded everything except third-party payment processing fees.
Security Tokens Issuance. Once the vehicle is purchased, CurioInvest issues security tokens representing the value of the car. These tokens are then distributed to the investors, proportional to the size of their investment. The security token confers the right on the token holder to share in the profit if the value of the vehicle increases. The token is distributed to a wallet which is automatically generated when the user signs up on the CurioInvest Invest platform. The token can be traded peer to peer and can also potentially be traded on digital exchanges like a conventional security.
Proceeds sharing. If the conditions for disposal are met, the vehicle is resold (see Reselling conditions). All token holders receive a share of the proceeds of the sale proportional to their token holdings minus costs (storage, maintenance, and insurance, for example) and the CurioInvest performance fee of 20%. Token holders who have acquired the token OTC or on a secondary market are obliged to sign up on the CurioInvest Invest platform and become a verified user in order to cash out. A KYC check is required for all investments.
Reselling conditions. A sale is subject to the following conditions: In the first two years, a sale can only take place if the gross sales price is 25% above the purchase price.
In the three subsequent years, a sale can only take place if the gross sales price is 20% above the purchase price. After five years, there is no minimum sale price. The proceeds from the sale of the vehicle (gross sales proceeds) are used to cover ongoing costs such as insurance, maintenance, and storage. This results in the net sales proceeds. Afterward, a 20% performance is deducted from the net profit. This will not be levied on the first car on the platform (Ferrari F12tdf).
Revenues. CurioInvest Invest has three main sources of revenue:
5% Finder’s fee: when a car seller lists a vehicle on the CurioInvest platform, CurioInvest charges the car seller a 5% fee if 100% of the car tokens are successfully sold.
20% Performance fee: in the case of a successful exit scenario when the vehicle is resold, CurioInvest takes a 20% performance fee after covering costs.
Subscription fees when the platform achieves sufficient scale. Everybody will be able to signup and invest for free. For €10 a month, users will get early access to new cars on the platform and additional digital content and privileges. For €70 a month, users get personal one-on-one service and physical access to the cars at events. CurioInvest will waive all subscription fees for the first 12-18 months after deployment or until a critical mass of 10k- 20k users has been reached.
The monthly trading volume of all token markets is driven by our intellectual property.
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Curio Capital AG has been founded in June 2019 with 200′000 CHF of capital. Details can be found in the unaudited financial report for 2019. We do not expect to reach break-even in the coming years and therefore depend on further investments. For 2022-2023, we will need at least 1'500′000 CHF of additional funding, which we plan to raise through the sale of 100′000 shares.
Our aim is to route all of these transactions through our open market, giving every buyer the exact same opportunity to buy our shares and creating a high level of market transparency.
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