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Tokenized Ferrari

“Was sold in 2016 in Los Angeles for
Sold by Ferrari in 2015


Current Value


Targeted IRR until 2025


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How it work?

Tokenization is the creation of a digital asset and the registration of its rights on a blockchain
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Utility of the token

The CGT token, which is also referred to as the governance token of the Curio StableCoin Protocol, enables the possessors to possess it to cast votes on alterations to be made on the Curio StableCoin Protocol. It is noteworthy that anyone can bring up a proposal for a CGT vote even without possessing a CGT. The process of Governance creation usually encompasses proposals and executive voting. The proposal selection is carried out to initiate a preliminary agreement of the group’s opinion before Executive voting begins. This guarantees that decisions related to governance are considered, and an agreement is reached before the actual process of voting. The voting process usually helps to confirm (or cancel) adjustments to the position of the system. Technically, different kinds of votes are handled by smart contracts.
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Profit with CurioInvest

Farming pools on Capital DEX
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Capital DEX Farming parameters

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Capital DEX

Capital Dex is planned for a full launch in Q2 2021
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Where to buy

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Download CGT Legal Document

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Quantum Ledger

CurioInvest develops a hardware device (Ledger) for generating and storing keys based on the Quantis QRNG chip created by ID Quantique. The Quantis QRNG chip uses Quantum Random Number Generation (QRND) to generate a seed for generating wallet keys. Quantum Ledger will be applicable to Curio Parachain wallets as well as Ethereum wallets.
Quantum RNGs exploit elementary quantum optic processes that are fundamentally probabilistic to produce true randomness. As the quantum processes underlying the QRNG are well understood and characterized, their inner working can be clearly modelized and controlled to always produce unpredictable randomness. Quantum RNG has true randomness, provably secure, compliant and certified.
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