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Bringing the Strategy to Life

A Project Plan to bring the new strategy of the Co-op Foundation to life
Below is a project plan for how the Co-op Foundation will bring the strategy to life, with support from Impact Works Associates.
The plan aims to:
Provide a clear path to being able to confidently launch a new fund under the new strategy by July
Bring creative and participative approaches to this work
Draw on the team's own expertise and experience
Draw on the best practice of other foundations and funders around the world
Allow foundation colleagues to continue to deliver current portfolio of work as Impact Works Associates will provide capacity and ‘leg work’
Have planned, targeted and relevant moments when colleagues will get involved that they can plan in advance around existing work

This document is a project plan for how this will all be delivered.
The plan will be delivered through four main streams of work. These are:
Support and Accompaniment for colleagues
The ‘Fairer co-operative communities of the future’ shared design process
Things we need to learn more about to become a co-operative funder
Participatory Grant making
How to involve young people the work, life and decision making of the Foundation
Becoming world class in learning
Exploring what it means to be a ‘Co-operative Funder’ with Co-operative foundations globally
Co-operatively designing the funds

This Document contains details of all these areas of work; with detailed task lists and timelines. These can be looked at here

The plan also contains clear milestones and desservables which can be shared with colleagues and Trustees and give points of accountability. More details of these can be seen here.
The plan is written from the POV of Impact Works team, but also clearly sets out when colleagues will get involved and support. The process has been built to include clear specific points at which Foundation colleagues can most meaningfully be involved when many are very busy, or still inducting themselves into the organisation and its ways of working.
More detail of where colleagues will get involved can be seen here.
Whilst each section contains its own timeline, tasks lists etc, there is also a full timeline for the whole project available here:
and also the full list of tasks (the full data that feeds all the other tables) is available here:
Finally, we will also record all the reports, sites, blogs and articles we use in the development of this work in a library for you all. Please explore this here
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