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Some suggestions for questions that may help you go deeper.
These questions are simply suggestions for possible further discussion. They are intended to to source material for a meeting facilitator, to help them come up with something specific for your team.

Question suggestions

Improvement area 1:

The team’s ability to reach a goal together. Breaking work into smaller parts that can be effectively distributed according to ability - and then the ability to put all the pieces back together again and finish the job.

What impacts our ability to align our efforts?
What causes us to waste energy?
What helps our work to fit together?
How do we, as a team, waste energy?
What do we need to help us get our projects delivered with as little waste as possible?
What impacts our ability to share our workload?
What impacts our ability to get work done efficiently?
How can we avoid duplicated work?
How do we keep the right level of energy to complete a project?
What would make us better at using all our skills and energy?
What prevents me from playing my part in my team?
What impacts our ability to work towards a shared goal?
How can we better get things done together?
How can we ensure each person had the work suited to their skills/skill level?

Improvement area 2:

The tools, resources and support needed to do the work that needs to be done.
What resources and tools hinder my ability to work effectively?
What tools impact my ability to work?
What do I need to be able to do my work better?
What helps me to do my work well?
What restores or depletes my inner resources?
How could I better support my internal resources?
How could my inner resources be put to better use?
What could I do/to better support my ability to work at my peak?
What help do I need to do my work better?

Improvement area 3:

The team’s level of motivation. The emotional connection with work and each other, the underlying ability to change.
How do we know when to stop?
How does our approach to risk taking impact our ability to do new things?
To what extent are we able to share and show emotions?
What impacts our ability to create beautiful things?
How do we resist change?
How are we able to develop an understanding of what we expect from each other?
What helps us to grow stronger connections within the team?
How are we able to share our impressions and understanding of each other?
What impacts our shared creativity?
What helps us to connect on an emotional level?
What do we do to keep our distance and separateness?
How do we avoid dealing with difficult issues?
What types of behaviours encourage team connection?

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