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Some suggestions for possible training sessions based on our library of introductory workshops.
The current combined results have highlighted these three areas as those most in need of attention. While the specific next actions taken by the team should arise from a shared review, here are some of our suggestions for the kind of training that can often be of benefit.

Improvement area 1:

The team’s ability to reach a goal together. Breaking work into smaller parts that can be effectively distributed according to ability - and then the ability to put all the pieces back together again and finish the job.

Avoid getting stuck waiting for agreement and approval.

Possible workshop: Collective decision making

Allow members of your team to deepen their trust by sharing authority and responsibility.

Possible workshop: Dynamic roles

Stop spending hours discussing possible solutions, and then never agreeing what to do.

Possible workshop: Governance meeting facilitation

Allow team members to understand what progression within the organization looks like.

Possible workshop: Skills matrix

Really be clear about what people expect from each other.

Possible workshop: Peer to peer agreements

Improvement area 2:

The tools, resources and support needed to do the work that needs to be done.

Be able to identify and communicate what you need

Possible workshop: Recognising needs

Create working conditions that support mental and physical health

Possible workshop: Healthy working practices

Understand how to create your own digital tools

Possible workshop: Fundamental digital practices

Get to grips with the “data driven” headspace

Possible workshop: How to think in data

Improvement area 3:

The team’s level of motivation. The emotional connection with work and each other, the underlying ability to change.

Deepen awareness of how members of a team perceive each other.

Possible workshop: Johari window blindspots

Be able to speak honestly in meetings even on difficult topics

Possible workshop: Check-in/out and feelings

Have shorter, more productive meetings

Possible workshop: Team agreements

Create a collaborative, adaptable system for managing project aesthetics.

Possible workshop: Atomic design

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