Go deeper
Some suggestions for questions that may help you go deeper.
These questions are simply suggestions for possible further discussion. They are intended to to source material for a meeting facilitator, to help them come up with something specific for your team.

Question suggestions

Improvement area 1:

The team’s fitness, and it’s ability to use time and materials well. How effectively resources are allocated and managed, and the awareness of how much time and effort is required from the team.

How do we ensure work is the right size?
How do we over-complicate the work we do?
How do we avoid wasting resources?
How do we check if we are spending the right amount of time on a piece of work?
How do we decide what level of effort to put into new ideas/projects?
How could we tune our ability to use our resources?
What prevents us from effectively estimating the amount of work involved in our tasks?
What is our way of allocating resources to our work?
What mechanism do we use to agree where we should prioritise resources?
What would allow us to make better use of our resources?
How can we be confident we are spending our time on the right/most important things?
How can we include diverse voices in the sizing of our work/?
How do we know when we are spending our time well?

Improvement area 2:

The ability to gather information, think things through, and learn the skills required to take action.

What do I need to know to be able to act?
What impacts my ability to understand my work and make good decisions?
What impacts my ability to think things through and make good decisions?
How can we improve our ability to share information?
How can I develop my ability to use my mental resources?
How could I learn to be better at what I do?
What do I need to learn?
What is the most important information I need to do my work?
How do I get the space for thinking, not doing?
What do I need to be able to think clearly and solve problems well?
How can I learn what I need to know?
How can I better collect and retain information?
How do I prevent myself from thinking things through effectively?
How does the way I think through my work impact my ability to do a good job?
How does the way I think impact my work?
How do I develop my own clarity?
How can I develop my critical thinking?
How does the way I think my work through help and hinder my ability to do my best work?

Improvement area 3:

The organization’s willingness to change, and how well it is able to incorporate new information.

What do we, as an Org, need to learn?
How does our Organization need to transform itself?
How open are we to acknowledging failure and embracing the learnings?
How do we evaluate success/failure?
How could we improve our ability to know how we need to change?
how do we know when we need to change?
What do we do that is outdated?
How do we invite feedback?
What holds us back as an organization?

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