Some suggestions for possible training sessions based on our library of introductory workshops.

The current combined results have highlighted these three areas as those most in need of attention. While the specific next actions taken by the team should arise from a shared review, here are some of our suggestions for the kind of training that can often be of benefit.

Improvement area 1:

The team’s fitness, and it’s ability to use time and materials well. How effectively resources are allocated and managed, and the awareness of how much time and effort is required from the team.

Waste less time creating products and tools that don’t meet a real need.

Possible workshop: Prototyping

Make it possible for people at any level to better contribute to technical innovation.

Possible workshop: A/B/Multivariate testing

Establish project management processes to facilitate distributed project management

Possible workshop: Role based Kanban with Trello

Establish a shared methodology for prioritising long and short range objectives.

Possible workshop: Prioritising a backlog

Improvement area 2:

The ability to gather information, think things through, and learn the skills required to take action.

Learn first feedback steps

Possible workshop: Feedback essentials

Become more aware of the feelings that motivate your actions.

Possible workshop: Feedback and feelings

Learn communication without defensiveness and the positive impact of personal responsibility

Possible workshop: Clear feedback and ownership

Improve listening and feedback skills

Possible workshop: Listening and feedback in practice

Improvement area 3:

The organization’s willingness to change, and how well it is able to incorporate new information.

Explore different aspects of what your audience or stakeholder groups need.

Possible workshop: Do/have/know/feel

Discover how to break down assumptions into hypothesis and testable experiments.

Possible workshop: Experiments

Establish a methodology to embed the use of data into decision making.

Possible workshop: Data driven decision

Structure business processes in a way that welcomes change.

Possible workshop: Welcoming change

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