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Welcome to the CueCam Presenter Guide

CueCam Presenter lets you share anything on your webcam.
Using smart cue cards you can plan and deliver high quality presentations easily.

What’s in the box?

Script Editor
Teleprompter Window
Preview Window
Chat GPT Script Assistant
Virtual Camera
Virtual Mic
Slide Editor
Shoot Pro Webcam (iOS)
Video Pencil (iOS)
Remote Control Tools


Follow along to learn-by-doing.

How-To Guides

Quickly find out how to use any of CueCam’s features.
Installation & Set-Up (13) Live Camera (24) Building Presentations (42) Audio (3) Advanced Features (0) Account & Billing (6) Video Pencil (0) Running Presentations (3) Community & Feedback (3) (0)


Note that some of these explanations reference Beat Sheet but the same principles apply to CueCam!

Frequently Asked Questions

@How will CueCam save me time?
@How will CueCam make me look good?
@What is a CueCam document?
@What’s the difference between CueCam Presenter and Beat Sheet?


@Glitchy audio via virtual mic
@Choppy video from Shoot
@Virtual Mic is only on one stereo channel
@Pop up sheet means you can’t click on anything or interact with the app
@Can’t delete a card by selecting it and pressing the Delete key
@Apps that seem to interfere with CueCam for some reason
@Demo Mode shows the wrong CueCam window

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