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Frequently Asked Questions

How will CueCam save me time?

Snappier communication on video calls

When you’re on a call you won’t need request screen sharing permissions and it will be effortless to show your desktop or anything else you care to show.
You’ll be able to get your points across more easily by using Video Pencil to sketch things out.
You won’t need to keep switching channels to send different types of document, you can feed pictures and videos directly through your webcam.
You’ll save time because you’ll be communicating more effectively, without so many time-consuming misunderstandings.

Simple deck preparation

CueCam simplifies the process of preparing a presentation with a minimalist text and card-based editor.
You can put together decks very quickly, especially once you learn a couple of keyboard shortcuts.
You can focus more on the words you’re saying and less on designing slides.

Editless Video Production

CueCam Presenter makes it easy to record great-looking videos in one take, without any need to edit.
You might do a few more takes, but you’ll get a more natural performance and save HOURS in the edit bay.
How will CueCam make me look good?
To be fair, the bar is pretty low for video calls in most companies!
Any aspect of CueCam is likely to catch people’s eye, be it a quick sketch or some text in your feed, your use of Live Titles or your laser pointer on a video you’re sharing.
You’ll get better video through Shoot and you’ll be able to improve your framing and lighting, which can really make you stand out.
What is a CueCam document?
A CueCam Document is like a smart script for a presentation.
You’ll write your script as a sequence of cue cards and any of those cards can include an attachment, like a video, image.
The saved `.cuecam` file is a bundle containing your presenter notes and any images and videos you added.
You can send a CueCam document to any other CueCam user and they’ll have everything they need to run it.=
What’s the difference between CueCam Presenter and Beat Sheet?
CueCam is built on the same card-based presentation paradigm as Beat Sheet, and shares much of its code, but it gives you a whole lot more.

Beat Sheet

Beat Sheet is designed to control your scenes in Ecamm Live, OBS or mimoLive.
Beat Sheet lets you create simple slides and sends these out an overlay that can be used in other software.
Beat Sheet is a great way to bring structure to the complex scenes in your streaming software.

CueCam Presenter

CueCam Presenter gives you all that, and exposes a zero-configuration virtual camera that you can use in any app - Zoom, Teams, FaceTime and more.
Slides are now super-charged and can include videos, screen shares and more.
CueCam Presenter automatically connects to Video Pencil and Shoot running on any number of nearby devices and seamlessly brings the features of these world-class apps into your presentations (at no extra cost).
CueCam Presenter bundles can be shared, so it’s easy to send presentations to friends and colleagues (this wouldn’t be possible with streaming software as the configurations tend to be so esoteric).
CueCam gives you everything you need under a single license, with no customisation or special configuration needed.

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