How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication for Microsoft 365 and Share Access with Multiple Users

Here are the step-by-step instructions based on the transcript:
Open your web browser and go to
Sign in with the account you want to set up two-factor authentication for. If needed, click "Sign in with a different account".
Once signed in, go to the Microsoft 365 admin center.
In the admin center, scroll down and click on "Identity" in the left menu.
On the Identity page, expand the "Users" menu on the left and click "Active users".
From the list of users, select the specific user account you want to enable 2FA for by clicking their name.
On the user details page, select the "Authentication methods" option.
Under Authentication Methods, click "Add authentication method".
Select "Phone" from the dropdown and enter the phone number you want to use for 2FA. Click "Add".
Click "Save changes" at the bottom.
Now log out and log back in with this user account, using the web version of Outlook (
When prompted during login, select to authenticate with a text message to the enrolled phone number.
Enter the code you receive via text to complete the login.
Once logged in, click your profile picture/initials in the top right and select "View account".
Go to "Security info". You should see the enrolled phone number.
To allow other users like your CEO to access this same account with 2FA, simply share the login details and have them log in using the same 2FA phone number.
They will receive the text message code on the enrolled phone when they attempt to sign in for the first time. Provide them the code to complete the setup on their device.
The key points are enrolling the phone number from the admin center, using that number to authenticate when logging in for the first time, and sharing those 2FA credentials with any other users who need to access that same account.
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