Brand Kit

Please carefully read and review our brand guidelines before presenting the Five Star CAM brand publicly.

📎 Who We Are

Five Star Community Association Management LLC is a beacon of high quality in the community association management landscape. Our mission is to provide five-star associations with the care they deserve.
We cater to a diverse array of clients, including POAs, HOAs, condominiums, co-ops, and master-planned communities. Irrespective of your community’s structure, scale, or style, our approach is grounded in delivering a bespoke experience, where solutions are tailored to match unique needs. We are steadfast in our pursuit of excellence.
Join us on a journey to redefine community association management by making every client feel valued, understood, and cared for.

👀 Vision

To elevate community association management by making every client feel valued, understood, and cared for.

🚀 Mission

Our mission is to provide five-star associations with the care they deserve.
Our mission is to deliver five-star experiences to community associations, partners, and employees through a focus on exclusive care delivered with transparency, reliability, integrity, and efficiency.


You'll feel like you're the only one
Where you get the care you deserve
We don’t just manage communities – we elevate them
We do this because we care

What we do:

Provide exceptional community association management
Offer customized solutions tailored to each association's needs
Maintain the highest standards of service and responsiveness
Handle all aspects of financial, vendor, amenity management
Advocate on behalf of boards and homeowners

How we'll do it:

Listen closely to understand each association's unique requirements
Craft customized packages to match different management needs
Assign dedicated managers to provide personalized care
Leverage experience and expertise to redefine industry standards
Constantly innovate our offerings to exceed expectations

Whom we do it for:

Residents and boards of community associations
POAs, HOAs, condo associations, co-ops, master-planned communities
Communities that deserve five-star service

The value we bring our clients:

Five-star experiences that exceed expectations
Complete peace of mind and confidence
A sense of ease and assurance for boards and homeowners
Service tailored specifically to each community's needs
Care and attention that makes each client feel valued

Our Principles

The following list comprises ten characteristics that are highly valued in various fields and industries. To elaborate on each of them,
“Attentive” means giving careful attention or thought to something or someone.
"Responsive” refers to a willingness to react quickly and positively to any request or inquiry.
“Reliable” denotes trustworthiness, dependability, and consistency.
"Exceptional" suggests something that is outstandingly good or unusually excellent.
“Bespoke” is a term used to describe something that is customized or tailored to a particular individual or situation.
"Ethical" refers to a set of moral principles that govern a person or organization's behavior and decision-making.
"Empathy" involves understanding and sharing the feelings of others, and often leads to a genuine concern for their well-being.
“Efficient” describes the ability to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.
"Proactive" means taking initiative and anticipating future needs or problems.
"Professional” indicates a level of competence, skill, and conduct that is expected of someone in a particular profession or industry.
“Exclusive" refers to something that is available only to a particular group or limited number of people.

Branding Collateral

Navy - 011638 Oxford Blue - Represents trust, confidence, wisdom
Gold - E8C547 Saffron - Represents luxury, excellence, quality
Black - 000000
White - ffffff
Primary: Raleway
Secondary: Inter
Logo Design
Five stylized 5-point gold stars in orbital formation around a network of paths. SVG and PNG files below.
FSCAM Logo.svg
FSCAM Logo.png
Logo Inspiration
Exclusive - Our logo includes five stylized 5-point gold stars in orbital formation around a network of paths. In the vast landscape of community associations, our focus is to make your association feel exclusive and cherished. At Five Star CAM, you'll feel like you're the only one.
Care - The five gold stars in orbital formation symbolize the network of partners and services we leverage in delivering customized experiences that meet your association's unique needs. At Five Star CAM, every community association gets the care it deserves.
Delivered with Transparency, Reliability, Integrity, and Efficiency - When we earn your business, we are committing to elevating your community association. At Five Star CAM, we provide a high level of service because we care.
The Five Star CAM wordmark should be used in every instance where the company or its services are referenced, space permitting.
FSCAM Logo.png
FSCAM Logo.svg


Community events, smiling residents, amenities, neighborhood scenes conveying warmth, belonging, ease

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Please note that our name, brand imagery, and brand assets are protected by intellectual property laws. Do not alter our images or assets in any way, use our images or assets to develop your own images or assets, display them in your own product, business, or service, or combine our images or assets in any way.

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