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Design Ideation

I did a little improvement in an idea of improving the experience. Here’s some I change:
The All rooms and All product section turns out to be the most selected menu to explore the products in IKEA, unlike any other E-Commerce apps, the current app doesn’t provide product feed down below. Therefore, I decided to move the section to be better reached by thumbs (You may see it on the right side).
Screen 1.png
An easier exploring tabs for you to find your product easier.
Now, the app has the feeds which you can do for exploring what you might want in the future. You can do it by swiping up the Lebih banyak lagi section or by only scrolling down. It will pop up in a fullscreen like you can see on the right side.
Screen 2.png
Then, I felt like to improve the searching experience. As I like the idea of the current apps by putting search as a sub menu in a navigation bar which is very easy for a thumb to reach, so I decided to let it be. I decided to put a product suggestion in a search column like this. Therefore user can decide what they look for easily.
The existing IKEA app:
How I proposed it to be:
Screen 3.png

To make it clearer, here’s the wireflow design :
IKEA Wireflow.png
In case you wish to see and feel the prototype here’s the clickable one I did in Figma :

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