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Design Conclusion

From the design that I proposed, we can conclude that:
The proposed design has exceed the design objective in improving the experience from 3.6 to 4.4 of usability score. While the target itself is 4.3, therefore It has 102% achievement which means the design has exceed the improvement target to be even better.
All of the users that I test 100% prefer to use the new IKEA design.
71% of the users feel that it’s easier to look for a product in the proposed design rather than the existing one.
57% of the users feel that the information is clearer than before.
But, there’s also a room for improvement, especially in the area of Intuitiveness (43%), Design Freshness (29%), and Simplicity (14%).
Thank you for reading the design process that I went through. That’s been it. You might want to give your thoughts about it through my email .

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