Eightfold APM Take-home Assignment

Risks and Collaboration

Risks & Tradeoffs
If a significant majority of applicants bypass the Job Portal and apply using LinkedIn EasyApply, the success metrics may be compromised.
Candidates may think that the shown career paths are preferred over others by Eightfold.
Candidates may think that the shown opportunities are exhaustive and it’s not possible to pivot to functions that are unlisted.
Unexpected number of permutations & combinations.
Collaboration with other teams
In initial stages, the historical data is going to be manageable and can be created using simple React & D3js in the clients’ browsers. But, with time and growth it may become unfeasible to handle and may affect the response time.
Aggregating data on the server-side.
Prioritizing and filtering career paths when the combinations grow too large for candidates to understand.
Talent Acquisition
To plan and direct all candidates to the Job portal.
To collect qualitative feedback from applicants and successful hires and improve the feature.
To design the graphs in a manner to maximise information delivery and experience.
To anticipate user interaction behaviour, collect feedback on the feature, and improve it accordingly.
Cover the feature in blogs to attract more candidates.
To position the feature as a Career Services to aid the cultivate program.

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